We aim to share our love of dance with the world, by uniting diverse communities, to offer opportunities for self-artistic expression, empowerment, growth and healing through dance; and to contribute in building a community of strong talented queer dancers & performers.


Bachata Training Series

We offer a Bachata 10-Week Series

Bachata Beginner Training


Angelica Medina

Jahaira Fajardo

Bachata Performance Teams

We offer three Bachata Performance Teams.

1) Bachata Student Team – Beginner/Amateur

2) Team Kiskeya – Intermediate/Advanced

3) Team BachaterX – Amateur Leaders Team (shines)


Angelica Medina

Jahaira Fajardo

Salsa Training Series

We offer a Salsa 10-Week Series

Salsa On-2 Beginner Training


Angelica Medina

Salsa Performance Teams

We offer four Salsa Performance Teams:

1) Salsa Student Team – Beginner/Amateur

2) Team Borinquen – Intermediate/Advanced (choreography by Andrew Avila & Melany Chrystal Mercedes)

3) The Monarchs – Amateur Salsa On-2/Mambo Team (shines)

4) The Monarchs Competition – Advanced Salsa On-2/Mambo Team (shines) (choreography by Tania Cannarsa)


Angelica Medina

Alfredo Rojas

Luis Gutierrez-Mock
As a queer trans person I felt uncomfortable in much of the bachata dance scene, which is generally very gendered and very straight. I joined Jahaira and Angelica’s team because I wanted to dance bachata within a queer friendly environment. I discovered how dance helps me to be more present in my body, which is often a struggle for trans and queer people. Dance is now my preferred method of self-care and I would not have had access to this without Jahaira and Angelica’s classes.   Jahaira and Angelica create a welcoming and affirming dance community for people of all genders and sexual orientations. Female leads, male follows and trans people all have a home with In Lak’ech Dance Academy. Come dance with us!
Jina Corneau
When I think about Jahaira and Angelica, the single word that best describes them and everything they do is love. Love is the foundation of their teaching and empowers them to be amazingly supportive, patient, and thorough instructors. Love is the base of their dance, fueling their choreography and classes with passion and positive energy. And love is what they have for all people of all backgrounds, allowing them to create one of the most positive, welcoming, and supportive dance communities I have had the privilege of being a part of. I could be poetic for days about their amazing teaching ability, their fun rehearsals, their dedication, and their passion, but what I really want to stress is the love that flows through everything they do. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Jahaira and Angelica will welcome you with open arms and ensure you not only grow into the dancer you hope to be, but the person you are inside as well. I cannot recommend Jahaira and Angelica enough - what are you waiting for???
Kamailia Williams
I love dancing with Jahaira and Angelica. They bring passion and chemistry when they are on the dance floor. Watching them dance makes me want to dance harder. They are incredible teachers who are driven, who have a vision and inspire those that take classes with them. Jahaira and Angelica have made learning a new dance style fun and forced me out my comfort zone which I am grateful for. I adore them!


Private Lessons
Need extra help? Don´t worry we have one-on-one Private Sessions available to perfect those steps!
Private Events
Having a Latin theme party? Inauguration? Cultural event? We come and perform at your event!
Learn a special choreography with your loved one or have us perform at your wedding!


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