Kiskeya Performance Teams



Kiskeya Team: 

Kiskeya was the name given to the now known, Hispañola Island, by the Taino Indians, before Christopher Columbus infiltrated the island

Our Amateur performance team, Kiskeya, is for dancers who have had some experience dancing Bachata and would like to perform at different events and festivals. Requirements include costumes and travel.

*a prerequisite for this team is to complete the Beginner Bachata Training course: Both courses can be taken simultaneously.

Kiskeya Competition Team:

This team is for our advanced team members who will participate in competitions around the world. Requirements include costumes, travel, and deeper commitment to the In Lak’ech Academy.


Angelica Medina

Jahaira Fajardo


What will you learn?

  • 2-3 minute routine



How long are the classes? 

You will be practicing 1 hour/week.

The course includes a total of 16 hours of training, however it is expected for this team to rehearse 1-2 hours per week (at minimum), outside of scheduled team rehearsals.