Bachata Training Team



Beginner Bachata Training:

This course is for individuals who are New to Bachata and have little to no experience, and for folks who want to learn the fundamentals of Bachata Technique. In this course, we will also provide teachings on the origins of Bachata and its evolution, as well as the instrumentation and rhythms of Bachata. The goal of this course is to gain and improve Social Dancing Technique, timing, and partner-work.

This course is an opportunity to take it back to basics, and is a prerequisite for any and all Bachata performance teams.

Students who qualify may join a performance team while simultaneously participating in the Training Team.  (rehearsals will last a total 1 hours/per week.)

Performance Bachata Training:

This course is for dancers who have already completed the Beginner Bachata Training course and are members of one of our Performance Teams. This course will focus on stage presence, increasing stamina, musicality, lifts and tricks, andi intermediate/advanced footwork and partner work.



What will you learn?

  • Footwork
  • Partner-work
  • Musicality
  • The History of Bachata and its origins will also be explored.



How long are the classes? 

Team Practices are 1 hours/week.

The course includes a total of 19 hours of training,