Salsa Performance Teams



The Monarchs:

This team is for dancers who are interesting in FOLLOWER timing and styling. This team will be learning and performing a Salsa Mambo dance routine. Members of this team will learn advanced footwork and styling for Followers Only.

*All genders are encouraged to participate.

Borinquen Competition Team:

This team is for our advanced team members who will participate in competitions around the world. Requirements include costumes, travel, and a deeper commitment to the In Lak’ech Academy.




What will you learn?

  • 2-3 minute routine



How long are the classes? 

You will be practicing 1.5 hours/week.

The course includes a total of 16 hours of training, however it is expected for this team to rehearse 1-2 hours per week (at minimum), outside of scheduled team rehearsals.