Beginner Salsa-On 2 Training



Beginner Salsa-On 2 Training:

This course is for individuals who are New to Salsa-On 2 and have little to no experience in this dance. This course will allow for a slow-pace learning environment. The goal of this course is to gain and improve social dancing technique, timing, and partner-work.

This course  is a prerequisite for any and all Salsa performance team members.

Students who qualify may join a performance team while simultaneously participating in the Training Team.  (Please keep in mind, that both practices will run back-to-back, meaning that both rehearsals will last a total 2.5 hours/per week.)




What will you learn?

  • Footwork
  • Partner-work
  • Musicality


How long are the classes? 

Team Practices are 1.5 hours/week.

The course includes a total of 24 hours of training,