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In Lak'ech Dance Academy


Dance With Your Corazón!

Why We Exist

In Lak’ech Dance Academy is a safe and welcoming space that promotes artistic expression and collective healing within the queer and trans community. Together, we use dance as a tool for self-care and healing. We create beautiful bonds with one another, as we believe in the power that comes from being part of an inclusive community.

In Lak'ech Dance is more than a dance academy. It is an inclusive community where people can feel free to be their true, authentic selves and claim their identity with pride and honor while reaching personal goals through dance. Everyone is accepted and loved as they are.  


We are committed to creating acceptance and inclusivity in the Afro Latin Dance community. In Lak'ech Dance Academy represents queer and trans visibility in the hopes to influence open mindedness, which in turn, will have a positive impact on the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

As an LGBTQ+ organization, we exist to advance the rights of historically marginalized communities.  We want to build a foundation that allows space to address the intersectional issues important to our students. This includes a dedication to centering and uplifting queer and trans Black voices and bodies. Our commitment to these goals and values is reflected in our classes, series, events, performances, and rehearsals. 

We Want To Hear From You!

Thank you!

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