In Lak'ech Advisory Board


Dulce Garcia, M.A., (she/her) is a Queer Chicana Femme born in Mexico City and raised in East Los Angeles. She graduated from UC Irvine with two Bachelor’s degrees and received her Master’s degree in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University. Her passion and commitment to serve underrepresented and underserved communities is rooted in an anti-oppression framework that is evident through her work experience, community organizing, and leadership. Dulce is the Policy Director for the Office of Sexual Harassment and Assault, Response and Prevention (SHARP) for the City and County of San Francisco, advocating for survivors, and transforming the systems used to address sexual violence in San Francisco. She strongly believes that survivors are the experts of their own lives and that all forms of oppression must be eradicated in order to end sexual violence. With over 20 years of leadership experience, she has provided professional development and technical assistance to State agencies, community-based organizations, and universities throughout the United States, advocating for self-empowerment through education that is non-judgmental and accessible to her audiences.

Creatively, Dulce is a filmmaker and dancer. Her film, “With Conviction”, won the Audience Choice Award at the Queer Women of Color Film Festival and screened in Paris, France at the International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival. In her free time, you can catch her performing on stage with In Lak’ech Dance Academy – the only Queer and Transgender, Bachata and Salsa Dance Academy in the U.S.


Leila pronounced (Lie-La) brings over 10 years experience in community and campus organizing, electoral organizing and facilitation. She is dedicated to creating spaces for authentic relationships and collaborations to emerge across diverse constituencies and coalitions. Leila was a founding member of the successful student-initiated minimum wage campaign in San Jose, California that helped kick-start the national minimum wage movement. In 2011 she started working at Working Partnerships USA, a labor-affiliated social justice non-profit. Starting out as a canvasser, she moved her way up to field manager and then project lead where she lead a group of 20 canvassers that registered 14,000 people to vote in Santa Clara County during the 2012 election cycle. She was the deputy field director for a progressive mayoral candidate in San Jose, the 10th largest city in the U.S. She has also worked in nonprofit organizations partnering with multiple colleges, churches and other organizations developing curriculum and facilitating workshops and most recently worked on developing a strategic plan for community engagement nationally for a Civil Rights Organization. 

At the age of 12 Leila went to her first war protest with her family. She has been passionate about social change ever since. However she did not learn how to turn her passion into effective action until she took a political science class at DeAnza College. It was there that she learned “politics the Wellstone way,” studying with a community college professor who was one of Paul Wellstone’s early protégées and helping to organize several Campus Camp Wellstone trainings. She went on to complete a certificate in leadership and social change at DeAnza and a B.A. in sociology with a concentration in community change from San Jose State and is working on her Masters in Public Policy at Mills college. 

Leila lives in Oakland California with her partner Calvin, young son Malik and their two cats, Sierra and KAT. To bring balance in her life, Leila trains capoeira and is part of In Lak’ech dance academy. She also loves working out, weightlifting and movement in general.


Lilian Gonzalez, AMFT 

Individual/Collective Healing Practitioner 


My work is enriched by my own experiences as a Latinx first-generation child of immigrants, as well my understanding on how social location, our material conditions and our identities inform how we live and move in the world. As a healing practitioner, I work with people on their path towards healing and liberation. I am committed to social justice and the transformative power of unearthing our own wounding to recognize power, build agency, self determination and experience freedom. I strongly believe in the power of community and art as a tool to help shift our trauma narratives. I am a new parent, devoted partner and loyal amiga. Looking forward to building community with you all! 


Adrien Colon (he/him) is a dancer born and raised in the beautiful Bay Area. His dance journey with In Lak’ech began nearly three years ago. The dance company has provided him with a safe space to learn and grow as a salsa and bachata dancer and performer. He’s honored to be able to give back by providing guidance as a member of the leadership team. When he’s not in the dance studio, you can find Adrien working behind a camera as a director, acting in front of a camera, training for his next Ironman triathlon, performing with his improv comedy group, and promoting a healthy plant-based lifestyle. 


Magdalene Martinez, ASW, RYT, RCYT,  (she/her/ella) is a queer Dominican-American therapist who currently lives in Oakland, CA with her wife and cat.

She has her M.S in social work and a B.A in psychology. She is certified to teach children, youth and adults.  She loves yoga as well as dance. She studied creative dance and enjoys taking Afro-Cuban, salsa, bachata, Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Haitian classes.

She is grateful for the visibility Inlak’ech brings to the Dominican culture in the bay area. Bachata, merengue, and salsa were essential to her upbringing in Brooklyn, NY. She is honored to support the evolution of the culture and dance. 


Yvette/Evee Flores (she/they) is a first generation Costa Rican/Mexican American. Born and raised on the unceded Lands of the Kizh and Tongva Nations (Hacienda Heights, CA). Whether it's her ADHD or the need to keep her scoliosis in alignment through movement she's always moving and grooving. Yvette/Evee has her BFA from AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts. It was at AMDA where she met her first mentor Kai Hazelwood. From 2012, their relationship blossomed and took many forms. As Kai's Collective Good Trouble Makers was exploring dance in the lenses of Queer and Anti-Racist art making, Yvette/Evee was given opportunities to collaborate, practice and embody pieces of work with the other movers within the collective. Good Trouble Maker Credits: INvisible, MIDWINTER, Dear Mother. In 2013, Lucille Bell the owner of Room 2 Dance Ballroom and Social Dance Studio in Covina, California found Yvette/Evee and took her under her wing for 5 years. It was at R2D where Yvette/Evee learned the basics of many social dance forms and was taught how to follow and lead. Kai and Lucille have played a pivotal role in Yvette/Evee's life as they believed in her before she could believe in herself. It wasn't until the pandemic when Yvette/Evee went from being a dance instructor and assistant manager at R2D working 30hrs a week to then only working 5hrs a week for almost a year. After catching Covid and recovering for months she quit her job and began resting. It was through resting, ancestral healing, therapy, talking to lots of folks in her inner circle, webinars and different cohorts was she able to take a step back and start to reimagine and reclaim her life in ways she never had dreamt before.


In April and May of 2021, Yvette/Evee took In Lak'ech Dance Academy's Performance Series Training on Zoom. One day in class, Jahaira said, "Yvette just move to Oakland already".  At the same time Yvette was reading two books by Oakland based authors and from there a north star shined through. After many conversations, Yvette/Evee moved up to Oakland in July 2021 to join this season's teams and become In Lak'ech Dance Academy's first Immersee. She is now all things In Lak'ech and is fully immersed within the community and teams. This move has taught her she's always been living her dream of dancing and being an excellent sidekick for other people's dreams. She hopes her mentorship with Angelica and Jahaira as well as with the entire In Lak'ech Community will be one of reciprocity, practice, fulfillment and sustainability.


Kamailia Williams (she, her, hers) was born and raised in San Francisco. She attended Sacred Heart Cathdral Preparatory and went on to attend UC Berkeley. There, she studied Sociology and took a lot of coursework in Psychology. She was a collegiate athlete while at UC Berkeley as well. She holds a Masters in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Kamailia has spent the last 5 years working in Community Mental Health, working with kids and their families 0-5 who have been effected my trauma and impacted by poverty. She enjoys her work and is committed to helping people who work with children including parents, teachers, day care providers know the effects and signs of trauma. One of the aspects she loves most about her work is hearing people stories, helping people find their voice and witnessing people grow. Kamailia currently lives in Oakland, CA. She is mom 2 boys and 2 dogs. I was a member of the first In Lak'ech Monarch team.


Kamaila believes dancing is soul-healing and gives life! Currently, she is staying home to take care of her kids, dogs, and self. She loves the outdoors, especially the woods and ocean, eating yummy food, and laughing with friends and family. Family and community are everything to her! Kamailia has also recently launched her own private practice as an LMFT.