Team Auditions

In person team rehearsals are BAAAAAACK!

Get ready for a chance to join an INCLUSIVE community, where we dance with our Corazones and where we highlight and celebrate Queer & Trans dancers! 


In Lak'ech Dance Academy is hosting auditions to be on one of our FOUR Performance Teams debuting original choreography. 

Here is your chance to dance, train, and perform at major festivals with a Queer, Trans, and Ally dance Academy, under the direction of 2X World Champions Angelica & Jahaira.


(*Note: This is a 6-month commitment;

📣 Students must be fully vaccinated to participate.)


🔸 Team Kiskeya:
Bachata Footwork & Partnerwork
Meets Wednesdays @ 7:30-8:45pm
Directed and choreographed by Angelica & Jahaira

🔹Team BachaterX:
Bachata Footwork
Meets Wednesdays @ 9:00-10:15pm
Directed & Choreographed by Jahaira

🔸 Team Borinquen:
Beginner/Adv. Beginner
Salsa On2 Footwork and Partnerwork
Meets Tuesdays @ 7:30-8:30pm
Directed & Choreographed by Angelica Medina

🔹 Team Monarchs:
Salsa On2 Mambo Shines
Meets Tuesdays @ 8:45-10:30pm
Directed & Choreographed by Angelica Medina


1. Must fill out application

2. Once you fill out the application, we will send you a YouTube link, where Angelica & Jahaira teach a short sequence. You will learn the sequence, record yourself doing the sequence, and then send it back to the directors by JUNE 15th


📩 You will hear back a response by June 25th.

We look forward to sharing the stage with you.

Please message us if you have any questions! 😊

What People Say


I love dancing with Jahaira and Angelica. They bring passion and chemistry when they are on the dance floor. Watching them dance makes me want to dance harder. They are incredible teachers who are driven, who have a vision and inspire those that take classes with them. Jahaira and Angelica have made learning a new dance style fun  and forced me out of my comfort zone which I am grateful for. I adore them!